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Form CRS Distribution and Management

Brokers and advisors have to comply with Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI), which requires putting their clients’ interests ahead of their own and mitigating any potential conflicts of interest. The Client Relationship Summary (Form CRS) is a primary component of this. While distributing it may appear simple, it’s operationally complex. The best way to ensure your Form CRS delivery is efficient, compliant and auditable is to partner with a technology company.

Acess Mediant's "Form CRS Distribution and Management" to learn more about how you can:

Efficiently distribute your initial and ad hoc Form CRS to investors with your logo via their preferred channel.

Centralize management of each Form CRS on your website to reduce risk and keep you in compliance.

Prove compliance to regulators with an automated platform that generates an audit trail and evidence of delivery for Form CRS.